ACLS Skills and PALS Skills Combined – Bundle Discount!!!

You need ACLS and PALS certification but can’t afford to spend multiple days in class? That is why this is the perfect offer! Complete the HeartCode ACLS and HeartCode PALS courses online, on your own time, and then meet with us for your skills session. This combination skills session is offered at a tremendous discount! This comprehensive skills session will last less than 2 hours! Ecards are issued the same day as class.

HeartCode ACLS-

HeartCode PALS-

The cost of the HeartCode ACLS online course is $68.00 and the cost for the HeartCode PALS online course is $168.00. The cost for both classes is payable directly to the American Heart Association through the above link.

Don’t see a session listed that meets your needs? Email to schedule your session.

Cost: $200 for the in-person skills session