AVERT (Active Violence Emergency Response Training) is a very interactitve class that combines an active assailant class with a “Stop the Bleed” style program. This three hour class is jam packed with information and plenty of hands-on practical exercises. Like all programs from Health and Safety Institute (HSI), this course combines video lessons, instructor lead discussions and skills practice.

Skills you will practice

  • Recognize a threat
  • React to a threat- Escape/Evade/Defend
  • Tourniquet application
  • Basic bleeding control and direct pressure, application of a pressure bandage
  • Wound packing
  • Defending your space and confronting a perpetrator of active violence
  • Treat for shock

But don’t allow the name of the course fool you. This course is applicable to all types of emergencies and disasters. Major injury can occur from vehicles crashes, earthquakes, tornadoes, boating accidents, explosions, and hunting accidents. Learning how to recognize that an event is out of the ordinary, is threatening to life and safety and being armed with the tools to treat serious bleeding and shock are absolutely life-saving skills. EVERYONE needs to attend an AVERT class.

Attend a class at our office in Stevensville. Or choose to use our office to host your group. Or we are happy to bring the program to your place of business, or house of worship. We are not always safe, and accidents and disasters occur all over the world each day. Are you ready to be prepared to save a life?

AVERT Info Flyer