CABS: Child and Babysitting Safety + CPR AED and First Aid Certification

The Child and Babysitting Safety (CABS) program, designed by the Health & Safety Institute (HSI), teaches interested teenagers everything they need to know to have a successful babysitting career. It teaches how to start and grow your babysitting business, how to work with parents and children, safety, caregiving, and first aid tips. The CABS vlogger-style video makes learning fun while also allowing for hands-on practice with diapering and bottle-feeding infant manikins.

Keep the Beat takes the CABS program one step further by offering it with the HSI Pediatric CPR AED & First Aid certification course. This way, your child will finish the day with tips for being a safe and successful babysitter and a CPR AED & First Aid certification card, valid for 2 years!

The extended course is 6 hours and is $140 per child. Please contact Caitlin at 410-758-2022 or via email at for questions and additional information.

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